Minimum Android Specs:

- Android 5.1 or above (preference for Android 8 and above)

- Dual-core processor or above (preference for quad-core processor or above)

- 2 GB of RAM or above (preferably 4 GB of RAM or above)

- 8 GB of storage or above (preferably 32 GB of storage or above)

- VP9 codec support

To download the app directly from our content delivery network, open a web browser on the Android device. It may be called “Browser”, “Web Browser” or “Chrome”.

Navigate to and the app will start to download (you may see an arrow in the notification area at the top of the screen).

Click and drag the notification area icon down to reveal the “NowSignage.apk” notification message and click on it.

You will be presented with an option to install the Nowsignage app, click “Install” and then Open” once the app is installed.

Alternatively, you can download the APK onto your desktop, transfer to a USB drive and install via USB on the Android player. Methods will vary depending on the Android player, however you can usually install via USB by accessing either the 'APK Installer' or 'File Explorer'.

Please Note: Once the app is installed, please ensure that the device has network connection and that the date/time settings are correct before entering in your screen PIN.

Android 10 (and above):

For devices running Android 10 and above, after installing the app, please go into the settings and enable the following permission to allow NowSignage to 'display over other apps':

This will allow the app to autoboot upon a full restart of the Android device. 

Please note: NowSignage will autoboot by default on all devices running Android 5.1 - Android 9.0, so this is only applicable for devices running Android 10 and above.

NowSignage App Troubleshooting

Issue #1: "Failed to find a screen with that code" or 'Encountered an unknown error communicating with NowSignage"

Problem After entering a five-digit PIN and clicking "Activate", the error is reported on-screen.

Cause - Multiple causes:

● There is no valid internet connection.

● The app could not communicate with the NowSignage API.

● The PIN code is not associated with a Screen

● Date/time is incorrect on the android device.


● Ensure the device has a working internet connection, use the

device's web browser or other internet-based apps to confirm


● Ensure the requests are not being blocked by a corporate

firewall. Please see our firewall rules below:

● Ensure the PIN code is correct by verifying within the

NowSignage platform.

● Go into the Android date/time settings and set it to the current correct date/time.